Intellichoice Names 2012 Best Value of the Year Winners

By Matthew Askari | February 06, 2012
Intellichoice has released its annual list of cars it considers a Best Value of the Year. Analyzing every new car for the 2012 model year, Intellichoice applies cost analysis to determine cars that have low total ownership  costs as well as lower than expected costs over time. Looking beyond the initial sticker price of the car, the company categorizes cars into 24 different segments, and compiles data on seven specific metrics: depreciation; maintenance; repairs; fuel; fees; financing; and insurance. Every year the list is reviewed to keep current with automotive trends. For 2012, Intellichoice added the Full Size Crossover/Wagon and Luxury Performance Vehicle segments to keep current with the market. Of the 24 segment winners, Toyota accounted for half, with nine Toyotas and three of the automaker's luxury line Lexus models. The full list of winners is below.
Source: Intellichoice
Class Brand Model
Compact Crossover/Wagon Toyota Matrix
Compact Passenger Car Honda Insight
Compact Pickup Toyota Tacoma
Convertible MINI Cooper Convertible
Crossover/Wagon Toyota Prius v
Full-Size Crossover/Wagon Toyota Highlander
Full-Size Pickup LD Toyota Tundra
Full-Size SUV Chevrolet Tahoe
Luxury Crossover/Wagon Infiniti FX35
Luxury Passenger Car Infiniti M37
Luxury Performance Car Audi R8
Minivan Toyota Sienna
Passenger Car Toyota Prius
Performance Car Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible
Premium Compact Crossover/Wagon Audi A3
Premium Compact Passenger Car Lexus CT 200h
Premium Convertible Audi A5 Convertible
Premium Crossover/Wagon Lexus RX
Premium Passenger Car Buick LaCrosse 4cyl
Premium Performance Car Chevrolet Corvette
Premium Sporty/Coupe Audi A5 Coupe
Premium SUV Lexus GX 460
Sporty/Coupe Toyota Yaris 2-Door Hatchback
SUV Toyota FJ Cruiser