Interior Lighting Emerging Trend to Personalize Vehicles

By Matthew Askari | June 28, 2012
Every week's editors drive home multiple vehicles, and there are a great many differences between the interiors of each—a distinction may only increase, as automakers will likely offer a greater array of interior lighting options. According to a report in Wards Auto, Germany-based lighting manufacturer Hella has been testing interior lighting across the spectrum. Designers say "men prefer an ice-blue color, while women like amber." Currently the supplier is testing different colors in the European market to determine preferences. With lighting such as LEDs, automakers are often willing to incorporate the lighting as it often doesn't cost much more than traditional bulbs. Suppliers have experimented with lighting door handles, cup holders, map pockets and steering wheels. They also point to the recent success of models like the Audi A8 and A6, models that embrace and exhibit interior lighting. One challenge is displaying and demonstrating light options, suppliers say. Dealers are often in very bright showrooms and struggle with finding ways to display LEDs.
Source: Wards Auto