Interior of the Day: 2012 Audi TT RS

By Jacob Brown | July 08, 2011
There’s no denying the Audi TT RS’ appeal. With flared wheel arches and a large wing protruding from an otherwise flowing, fastback design, all of the TT RS’ lines seem to have purpose, whether function or form. Nothing appears to be tacked on for the sake of breaking up visual monotony — because there is no visual monotony with the TT RS. The same can be said of the interior. Leaving no detail unaccounted for, Audi kept the style that comes standard with the TT — the small, brushed aluminum-ringed air vents inspired by Audi’s four-ring badge, for instance — and upgraded even minor details like the door handles, which are finished in the same aluminum sheen.
As Audi proudly notes, 69 percent of the TT RS’ space frame is comprised of aluminum, and the automaker doesn't hide that fact. With aluminum trim adorning the RS-exclusive grippy, perforated, flat-bottomed steering wheel, pedals, center console, and trim above the passenger-side glove box and seats in addition to the air vents, how could you forget?
On the doors and seatbacks, the letter T is perforated in a pattern, letting you know just what you stepped into. Replacing the TT’s standard seats, high-back stitched-leather sport buckets with 10-way power adjustment and three heating levels grip passengers with aggressive bolstering that won’t ever let you slide around in a corner. They look like they’re straight out of a race car. The “TT RS” logo comes embossed into the headrests. Available with the TT RS is Audi’s intuitive navigation system with built-in real-time traffic reporting and a video music interface. Pumping out the beats is an available Bose sound system that should coddle passengers’ ears as much as the seats coddle their backs. Completing the package, the TT RS features red backlighting and accent lighting throughout the interior. Looking to shake up the small sports car establishment, the TT RS packs gobs of power into a package that provides further gobs of style, in and out. Looking at what it has to offer the discerning enthusiast at under $60,000, would you consider a car with an interior like the TT RS’?

Great looks, great quality, seriously fast, unmatched sound, limited availability, manual only, reasonable price... a classic in the making.