iPhone User Hacks Siri to Remotely Control Car [Video]

By Jacob Brown | November 28, 2011
With the introduction of Apple’s iPhone 4S, the world met Siri, a personal assistant program that responds to natural voice commands. After just a month and a half since going on sale in phones, hackers have started expanding its abilities—including being able to start your car. Brandon Fiquett is one such hacker. Using his iPhone alongside his Viper Security alarm and remote starter, he has programmed Siri to be able to start, stop, open the trunk, and activate the alarm on his Acura TL. Fiquett, like other programmers who have successfully hacked into things like home entertainment systems, started using an open source program from Plamoni to wrangle control of Siri with new command functions. From there, he synchronized it to the radio frequency in his car’s remote control. The result is quite impressive. Better still, Fiquett makes his programming code available, too, so iPhone users can reap the rewards of his hard work (Program available here). While there’s a possibility that something like this could eventually lend itself to carjacking, no reports have surfaced of that happening yet. Further, we can’t imagine too many carjackers have much knowledge in the way of high-tech mastery. If they did, they  probably wouldn’t be jacking cars. What excites us—other than the fact that it proves Siri is more than just a bundle of entertaining responses—is that this programming allows control over cars with colloquial commands. So far using a car's navigation system, for example, has meant memorizing a list of stock command phrases. The Siri hack shows us if a home programmer can control his car via common phrases, hopefully the manufacturers aren’t too far off following suit.

Source: Fiquett.com via YouTube

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