Is Acura Cutting the TSX from its Lineup?

Honda Motor Company's Acura division is preparing to leave behind the underpinnings used for the TSX compact sedan, possibly meaning that the future of the car in Acura's lineup is uncertain. With the company's move into the entry-luxury segment with the ILX, the sedan lineup has been jammed up, both in terms of pricing as well as vehicle size. The TSX has been based off the Japanese and European versions of the Honda Accord platform, with the U.S. Accord being the basis for the larger Acura TL. However, the Accord that debuted last year is on a new global architecture sized for the U.S. Accord. According to Autocar, sales for the Accord in Europe are slow and won't justify a new model or allow the automaker to keep it in the lineup, meaning that the TSX has become a nameplate without a car to put it on. In addition, the TL will be redesigned for 2014, making it smaller and putting it right on top of the TSX to make room for the flagship RLX. Even with these lineup issues, Acura Boss Jeff Conrad has said the TSX will remain in the lineup "for the foreseeable future."
Source: Automotive News