Is Brown the New Black When it Comes to Easy to Sell Car Colors?

By Automotive Staff | November 12, 2008
A vibrant color choice can help to improve our mood on a day to day basis and enliven any living space. Be it a sky blue wall in a bedroom or a “Kermit the Frog” green park bench in the garden, on a personal level colors can truly enrich and enhance our lives. But is expressing yourself with a “personal favorite” color when optioning out your next vehicle all that good of an idea? Do you have your heart set on that “Hot Chocolate” (read: brown) Mini Cooper Clubman but are nervous about how to flog that color at resale time? Does the thought of buying a Mini in “oh, just stab me now and put me in the ground” silver make you just want to end it all now? Well, one option is to lease your next car in that unique, oh-so-you automotive color. That way when you are done using the car it is the manufacturer’s problem to re-sell the car, not yours. But wait a minute. According to projections made by automotive resale companies, the once stalwart colors of silver and black have become so predominant that people are now avoiding them when shopping for a used car. Honestly, does a BMW 3 series come in any color other than silver or black? So what color is shaping up to be popular in the near future? Shockingly enough, the hot color of the moment and of the future is...brown. Yes it appears that brown is, in fact, the new black.
This is most evident at the supercar end of the auto sales spectrum where extreme personalization is the norm. Where most sports car makers from Germany and Italy have specialized in the blacks, silvers, and reds, now they are turning to colors like brown to spice things up. Yes, my dear, Lamborghini has started to offer browns as part of its normally available palette of hues. When you think about it, everyone needs a brown car to go with their brown belts and shoes. Then their black car can be used when wearing that snazzy black outfit bought with that last bit of credit at Neiman Marcus. Honestly, what use do you have for a red car? If you have so many red outfits that you need a car to match then maybe we have a new hometown for you—it’s called Las Vegas. We hear Cher is hiring backup dancers there. Our view? We support the right of every driver to pick a color on their next vehicle that reflects their own personality. The seas of white, black, and silver cars clogging our nation’s freeways can always use a little spicing up with a little bit of brown, sky blue or creative shades of green. One caveat: Buyers of that burnt orange color available on the Honda Element need to be stopped. No one ever burns oranges, so why should there be a color whose only description is that of a burnt orange? Orange is not a car color; it is a tasty citrus fruit that makes a lovely beverage. Leave oranges on the vine where they belong. They sure as heck don’t belong as car colors adorning perfectly innocent automobiles. via New Zealand Herald