Is the Kia GT Coming to Production as the Kia K9 Oprius?

By Jacob Brown | November 11, 2011
At the Frankfurt Motor Show and once again in Los Angeles next week, Kia is showing its GT concept, a slick, sleek four-door that apes the shape of exotic grand tourers and is Kia’s first sports sedan. With, and perhaps because of, its debut, speculation has run rampant as to whether Kia has the gall to make such a daring departure from its humble roots. But if pictures taken for prove correct, Kia does. Mimicking parent company Hyundai’s product portfolio but tuning each car differently, Kia has given the world the K5, or what we call the Kia Optima, and the K7 Cadenza that is currently sold in Korea and may come to the U.S. The third piece to the Kia puzzle may be the K9 Oprius, a large, rear-wheel drive sedan based on the Hyundai Genesis platform. While a turbocharged 3.3-liter V-6 capable of 395 horsepower powers the concept, we know little about what powers the production car. Hyundai’s Genesis sedan utilizes a 3.8-liter V-6, a 4.6-liter V-8, or an even more powerful 5.0-liter V-8.
Inside the development car that will spawn the production model are wide swaths of wood likely made from the best plastic trees on Earth. A built-in monitor and a joystick-like shifter look like they came straight from BMW’s parts bin. Best of all—and making our lives easy—is an uncovered steering wheel with an uncovered “Oprius” badge prominently displayed. That may change, though, as the last Oprius is what we came to know as the Kia Amanti, a car best known for its bland, derivative styling on our shores. This car looks like it follows much of the design direction from the Kia GT concept. Designer Peter Schreyer remarked that he saw the GT as a smaller BMW 3 Series competitor, but with the K9 Oprius based on the large Genesis platform, it looks to be more the size of the 5 Series. We’ll find out when this vehicle debuts and if it comes to the U.S. eventually. Source: