Isuzu Motors: A Loving Tirade

By Automotive Staff | December 07, 2006
Derek Price of the Greenville Herald Banner in Greenville, Texas is mad. And he is taking out his wrath on Isuzu. He says that Isuzus today are better than they've ever been, but the Isuzu vehicles are not built by Isuzu. He is upset that Isuzu sells General Motors vehicles with "goofy names."He points out that the Isuzu Ascender(pictured)is the same thing as a Chevrolet Trailblazer and the Isuzu i-Series pickup trucks are Chevy Colorados. "All Isuzu does is take vehicles from GM and slap a couple of funky badges on them and that's pathetic," he wrote. He lamented that it would not be so bad started its vehicles with a basic GM design and then customize it to be a true Isuzu. He points out that what GM does with Saab and Ford does with Volvo. Concluded Price, "So if you want to buy a Trailblazer and save some cash, check out the Ascender. You could probably get a great deal on one. Just don't be surprised when you read Isuzu's obituary." Via Meadville Tribune