Isuzu Motors Considers Diesel Plant with Toyota

By Automotive Staff | December 07, 2006
Isuzu Motors announced that plans to building a new diesel engine plant with Toyota is one option that the two companies are condering. Isuzu said that the However, neither company has announced plans that they would jointly develop diesel engines. Isuzu originally was allied with General Motors. However, both dissolved the capital alliance in April. Later, Toyota, which is Japan's biggest auto maker, purchased 5.9 percent of Isuzu, making it the third largest shareholder. The union of the two Japanese auto makers covers research and development and production of small diesel engines, gas emission control devices, and other things. Isuzu said that GM still remains Isuzu's most important customer. Our take? A cheer rang out among enthusiasts when Isuzu, with its expertise in diesel and other truck technologies, formed a union with Toyota. The above news continues to whelp our appetite that Toyota will leverage the smaller company's expertise. Can we say diesel-hybrid powered Celica?
Via MarketWatch