Isuzu to take over General Motors trucks?

By Automotive Staff | September 23, 2008
Companies who find themselves in financial crisis and in need of quick cash have been known to sell off their assets. Look at Ford and its sales of Aston Martin and Jaguar and Land Rover. Now Chrysler is trying to sell Viper and General Motors is trying to sell Hummer. Now there is a report over at Reuters that GMalso intends to sell its midsize truck operations to auto maker Isuzu, Japan’s number two truck manufacturer. We're not fully surprised. General Motors and Isuzu have a history, with the former once owning 49 percent of Isuzu GM has offered assistance to the Japanese vehicle maker in the past. Now, it seems, the tables are turned.
Isuzu says that it has not received an offer to buy. It does say, however, that if an offer is made, it would definitely consider it.