J-Turn Episode 1: Parking Lot Stunt-Driving Antics 101

By Jacob Brown | January 30, 2013
On a rainy day sitting in front of your TV, you've probably caught an old episode of The Rockford Files. If you're like most hooligans who watch it, you've probably tried to duplicate the shenanigans ol' James Garner's character pulled off when in pursuit of the baddies. We all have at some point, especially those of us who have fresh snow on the ground. Host Jessi Lang pursued this trick and the J-turn in her new show, The J-Turn. Along with David Freiburger, the editor-in-chief of Hot Rod magazine, Lang started out with J-turns, quickly learning the difference between them and the "Rockford" turn. The two went over specific techniques in Lang's new bucket list-style show on the Motor Trend YouTube channel, using a V-6-powered Ford Mustang to perform their antics. But they brought along another car: a 470-horsepower Dodge Challenger SRT8. Watch the video to see what they did with that!

Source: Motor Trend via YouTube

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