Jaguar Considers Adding More Power to the XFR While the XKR-S Has all the Fun

By Trevor Dorchies | February 02, 2012
Feeling the pressure from its competition, Jaguar is pondering whether or not to add more power to its XFR model. Pressure from German competitors Mercedes-Benz and BMW has forced Jaguar to consider adding even more power to its fastest cars. Autocar is reporting that this is the case and an XFR-S isn't that far off. To be competitive against its German foes, Jaguar will have to up its pony-power to somewhere in the 550 horsepower range. The Mercedes E63 AMG pumps out 549 horsepower while the BMW M5 holds the reigns to 552 ponies. While it may seem daunting this task isn't as impossible to accomplish since the current supercharged V-8 engine used now is responsible for 503 horsepower. While Jaguar is considering more power for its quickest model, not much else is known about the soon-to-be XFR-S. We do expect to see more aggressive exterior styling to go along with an even more boisterous exhaust note.  We also expect firmer chassis settings to cope with the expected 550-ish horsepower upgrade. The beefed up version of the XFR-S was already spied laying down lap times at the Nurburgring last summer. Since the XFR-S is Jaguar's top-of-the-line model we expect the retooled version to cost at least $6500 more than its standard sibling. When all the dust (or snow and ice in this case) has settled, expect the XFR-S to go for over $91,000, a close price tag to its key competitors. Speaking of laying down laps, we've also included a video (below) of the XKR-S convertible careening around an icy lake in the backwoods of Hameenlinna, Finland. Jaguar test driver Minna Sillankorva escorts the blue convertible across the frozen tundra in a way only allowable on such surfaces. While it's not likely those who have the scratch to afford the XKR-S will take it out onto a frozen lake to imitate this, it's still a cool video. If given the opportunity would you pick up the Jaguar XFR-S over the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG or the BMW M5? Tell us what you picked in the comment section below.

Source: Autocar, Jaguar, YouTube