Jaguar Drops Oval Grille in Favor of Trapezoid Grille

By | December 09, 2013
With the debut of the 2014 Jaguar F-Type, we saw the direction that the luxury brand is heading. The signature oval grille seen throughout the lineup has been replaced with a trapezoidal grille on the new model. Moving forward, Jaguar plans to replace the grille on all models to the one seen on the new F-Type. The Jaguar XK will be the last model to feature the oval grille. The new grille is more aggressive, and gives the Jaguar lineup a sportier edge. Ian Callum, design director for Jaguar, revealed the information regarding the new grille, and why the XK will be the last model to feature it. "A direction change is a valid question. The XK will have a different job to do." Many believe that the luxury automaker will be moving the XK upmarket into the GT segment against such cars as the Mercedes-Benz SL and Maserati Gran Turismo, allowing the new F-Type to fill the role of sports car. Callum juggled with the idea of implementing the same oval grille onto the new F-Type, but as the brand was looking to go in a different direction, he felt the model should represent that change. The 2014 Jaguar F-Type's grill is more reminiscent of the original XJ, and we can expect to see it on models to come. Source: Autocar UK