Jaguar, Land Rover Look to Merge Dealerships to Compete against BMW, Mercedes-Benz

By Joel Arellano | July 24, 2012
Get ready to see fewer Jaguar, Land Rover dealerships. Tata Motors, which owns both British brands, looks to consolidate dealerships currently only selling one brand here in the states. Currently, 97 dealerships sell either Jaguar vehicles or Land Rovers SUVs exclusively, while 150 sell both brands under one roof. Over the next three years, Tata wants to reduce the 247 total dealerships to 200, primarily by merging the single-brand dealerships together. Tata looks to BMW and Mercedes-Benz as its inspiration for the Jaguar-Land Rover dealership merger. Both German brands sell SUVs as well as cars. Tata is concerned that Jaguar owners, of which more than 40 percent own an SUV, will be sidetracked to check out the German brands en-route to a Land Rover dealerships. The Indian automaker hopes to prevent such wayward behavior with both brands under one roof.
Source: Torque News