Jaguar Lets XJ Supersport Loose on Nurburgring as a Passenger Taxi

By Jacob Brown | May 07, 2012
Did you know Germany's Nurburgring isn't really a race track? It's a public toll road. That means having a few taxis running around it at triple-digit speeds was probably more inevitable than it sounded, as supercars often reach speeds in excess of 200 mph while lapping it. And, in fact, there are plenty of people out there who acknowledge they'd rather have professional drivers scare the heck out of them at high speeds than risk destroying  their own cars. BMW was the first automaker, launching a fleet of specially prepped M5 sedans. But just because it's a German track doesn't mean the schnitzel-eaters get to have all the fun with it. The English-Indian outfit of Jaguar has just launched its own Nurburgring taxi in the form of the full-size XJ Superport, a 510-horsepower all-aluminum luxury sedan. Equipped with the Sport and Speed Pack options, its top speed has been increased to 174 mph from 155. And other than its heated and cooled leather-lined thrones being replaced with four racing buckets, in addition to a full roll cage and special matte gray paint, it's completely stock.
"We’ve been running a successful Nurburgring driving program from our Nordschleife engineering test centre now for some time, as it’s the very best place to demonstrate the dynamic abilities of the current Jaguar XF, XJ, and XK models," said Frank Klaas, Global Head of Communications for Jaguar Land Rover, in a statement. The Nurburgring Nordschleife, or north track, is a nearly 13-mile stretch of some of the most aggressive roads in the world. It also serves as a measuring stick for automakers to one-up one another. As German automakers have been touting their cars as the only ways to get around the road with a professional driver at the helm so passengers can get the full "I think I'm going to die" experience for the past many years, perhaps throwing a Briton into the ring was necessary to keep things interesting. Source: Jaguar