Jaguar Looks to Set Bar High, Come Out Swinging With F-Type

By Trevor Dorchies | April 11, 2012
While it's still months away from becoming a reality to the general public, Jaguar has been busy developing, testing, and tuning its latest roadster: The all-new F-Type. Jaguar has said that the F-Type will be as vital to the brand as the 911 is to Porsche, and that it expects to steal sales away from those who are considering a BMW M3, Mercedes-Benz SL, and of course, the 911. This prospective 911-fighter is set to go on-sale in the middle of next year and a coupe variant is expected later on down the road as well. "This will be the first true Jaguar sports car for more than 50 years," Adrian Hallmark, Jag's global brand director, told Auto Express. "Why did we choose F-Type? Because if you look at the C-, D- and E-Type, these names have always stood for Jaguar’s most seductive models. The F-Type is the next step in our long sports car heritage." It's no secret the British automaker is shooting for the stars with the up-coming release of the F-Type. It's expected that the all-new F-Type will cost somewhere between $72,000 to start and will go all the way up to around $91,700. Jaguar has put such a price tag on the F-Type so that it split the difference sitting between Porsche's Boxster and Cayman, and the 911. As for where it'll end up in Jaguar's own stable, the F-Type is expected to be perched right below the XK lineup. The XK was actually used as a measuring stick multiple times while Jaguar is prepping the F-Type for mass consumption. A cut-down XK chassis supports the all-new roadster's frame while the supercharged XKR is said to be on par with the base F-Type. A lot of aluminum has been used in the making of the F-Type to help keep its weight down, and while nothing under the hood has been confirmed yet, it's rumored that the new roadster will sport Jag's new 3.0-liter V-6 engine, which in essence is the XK's 5.0-liter V-8 with two fewer cylinders. As for the C-X16 concept that was first shown off at the Frankfurt Motor Show and again at last November's Los Angeles auto show, Jaguar has made it known that the concept's DNA has made its way into the F-Type. "Sometimes a production car can be a big disappointment after you’ve seen the concept, but the F-Type will include 95 per cent of the C-X16," said Ian Callum, Jaguar's design director to Auto Express. "I can promise that you won’t be disappointed.” Features like the narrow LED taillights, double intakes on both sides of the front grille, and side vents stamped with the Jaguar nameplate make its way from the C-X16 concept to the F-Type production car. The quad exhausts seen on the C-X16 concept have been reduced to twin pipes that have been positioned at the center of the rear diffuser. If the exterior styling doesn't do anything for you, it should be noted that the all-new roadster is configured on a rear-wheel drive platform. As for the F-Type's ability to take on the 911, only time will tell. Source: Auto Express