Jaguar Planning SUV, Sedan, Sports Cars On Aluminum Architecture

By Blake Z. Rong | August 08, 2012
Jaguar is one of the last major luxury carmakers without an SUV in its lineup, a last holdout against such high-waisted buffoonery, uncouth, to Jaguar's British heritage or its motto of Grace, Space, and Pace. Or so Jaguar say. Wagons, my good chap, wagons will never die! But like a vegetarian eying a porterhouse, the company's certainly teased the idea before. At the same time the Indian-owned company is introducing a real, honest-to-God station wagon, it's also contemplating the idea of a small crossover to best the Audi Q5. The ever-churning rumor mill says that Jaguar's offering will be ready for a 2015 or 2016 release. It may have an option of four-cylinder engines, the supercharged V-6 from the XF as a performance option, and a diesel which we won't see in America. It will probably come in all-wheel drive, though don't expect the four-cylinder engine to be equipped with it. The crossover will be made of aluminum, banking off Jaguar's expertise in the field. And it will probably look like a shrunken X-Type with the ovoid XF grille on the front and plenty of dark green-infused "lifestyle" marketing to go with it. Meanwhile, the F-Type sports car (shown above) is right on schedule to go on sale next year. And as Jaguar threatened months ago, it will definitely build a few examples of the CX-75 supercar: just 250 examples, spread out over two years' worth of production. It won't have the turbine motor as the concept, but it will be priced like it does: somewhere north of one million dollars. And no, you can't buy one.
A new compact sedan could enter the Jaguar lineup, too. There's a gap underneath the XF, which competes against the BMW 5 Series. All we know so far is that it will cost less than $40,000 to start, which is around the BMW 3 Series and Audi A4 fracas. Its aluminum body will lend itself readily to coupe and wagon variants. Finally, according to our sources, Jaguar could make the hilarious mistake of calling it the "X-Type". Lest you think, based on recent history, that a small, sporty Jaguar compact sedan could be a terrible idea, it may be reminiscent of another car company's efforts. This companythat, like Jaguar, is echoic of an entire countryhas a long and storied heritage of building beautiful, obscenely large vehicles. It, too, had an early foray into a compact luxury car, which turned out to be disastrous. It managed to survive this abhorrent mark on its history and, years later, build another small compact to take on a competition that's already surpassed it. That company is Cadillac. That car is the ATS. And that car, unlike the Cimarron or the X-Type, is pretty damn good. Source: Automotive News