Jaguar Revamping Image with New Ads and Badges

By Trevor Dorchies | March 12, 2012
Ever since being acquired by Tata Motors from Ford back in 2009, Jaguar has been going through its version of an extreme makeover. Along with marketing efforts coming from all kinds of media platforms Jaguar has also revised its iconic leaping cat to feature a bold typeface and shiny new cat. Just like the "leaper" badge, the growler, which is used in the grille, hubcaps, and center of the steering wheel, has also received some cosmetic enhancements of its own. The vehicles themselves aren't the only ones being revamped too. All 165 Jaguar dealerships in the United States will also be required to change its signs and logos to meet the British automaker's new standards. "Jaguar is a brand at the beginning of a rebirth and a relaunch," said Adrian Hallmark, Jaguar global brand director. "We have developed an all-new brand positioning, effectively a brand reset." Jaguar's latest marketing effort has been named "Alive" by the automaker itself in hopes its vehicles will inspire people to feel vivacious when they're behind the wheel of a new Jag. In the latest step of Jaguar's resurrection, the British car company will be launching a major marketing campaign with commercials set to begin airing this week. A national ad campaign is also slated to kick off in April and commercials have already been airing on YouTube since November of 2011.
The multimedia marketing effort is the most extensive in the history of the automaker and Tata has doubled its marketing budget from last year. How much is in the budget for marketing remains to be seen however as Tata declined to expose just how much funding was delegated to the marketing attempts. Through the first nine months of 2011, Jaguar had spent $19.5 million on marketing and advertising according to Kantar Media. Data for the entire 2011 calendar year is not yet available. While Jaguar's "Alive" marketing campaign is meant for the global market, the U.S. marketing team was heavily involved as well. The commercials were both shot and produced in the United States and disseminated by a marketing company partially-owned by Jaguar. An 18-city U.S. tour is slated to begin in April as well and will offer people the chance to test drive a Jaguar. As it stands now, the current average age of a Jaguar buyer is 56 and the British automaker is looking to target a younger audience with digital advertising. David Pryor, brand vice president of Jaguar North America made it no secret the company was attempting to fix its image. Pryor formerly worked at Porsche and its credited with making the public feel like the 911 is not just a performance-oriented car, but an adequate daily-driver as well. Jaguar has redesigned the XJ sedan and also freshened up the XF sedan and XK coupe and convertible in hopes they will strike a nerve with the younger crowd. Case in point: The new XF Sportback wagon, which is clearly targeting the "active lifestyle" crowd in the below video. Pryor said Jaguar will stay away from using technology-laden ads and will leave that to its German competition. “When we talk to consumers out there, everyone understands that Jaguar means a premium luxury car,” said Pryor. “But they think we make the cars that we made 20 years ago — the retro-styled cars. The cars we have today are going in a modern direction — the interior, exterior and the performance is competitive with anything in the segment.” What say you? Do you think Jaguar is headed in the right direction with its new logo and advertising attempts? Sound off in the comment section below. Source: Automotive News (subscription required), YouTube