Jaguar XF Sportbrake Coming to the U.S.? Santa Approves!

By Trevor Dorchies | December 08, 2011
Could the Jaguar XF Sportbrake be coming stateside? A recent tweet from the British auto maker's wagon wing suggests that may be the case. Jaguar has been doing a lot recently to draw attention to the XF, like being caught in camo on more than one occasion or driving across the country for "testing purposes". If Jaguar is trying to keep an Americanized Sportbrake under wraps, a picture of Santa Claus loading presents into a Sportbrake wrapped in camo doesn't help. The last time Jaguar offered a wagon it was part of the now-defunct X-Type's lineup. While the X-Type wagon demanded attention, it wasn't the best thing offered by Jag's standards. Don't look for a repeat if the decision is made to bring the Sportbrake to our shores. Jag has even leaked a few of its own spy shots through Sportbrake's Twitter account to raise awareness that a U.S. variant may be in the works. The question remains: Will the U.S. be getting a Jaguar wagon in the near future? A suspicious piece of evidence points to the XF sedan that crossed the country last month. It just so happens that this test mule was configured to run on diesel just as the European Sportbrake does now. All of these subtle pictures with Santa and test runs across the country aren't doing much to quell the rumors that the Sportbrake is coming stateside. Then again, this could all be part of a master plan to begin marketing the Sportbrake in the U.S. before it actually is available to the public. We can only hope if the Sportbrake does come here, the 510 horsepower XF-R Sportbrake trim comes along with it.
Source: Twitter