Japanese Toyota Auris Ads Retain "Sex Sells" Mantra Despite Awkward Androgyny

By Jacob Brown | August 24, 2012
There's one thing you'll be sure of after watching the new commercials for the 2013 Toyota Auris, the Japanese hatchback that may supplant the Toyota Matrix in the U.S. It has some junk in the trunk. The commercial alludes to the rear-end of a fashion model being stylish and, we think, desirable—just like the one on the Toyota. Or is it the other way around? Otherwise, we're not exactly sure what's going on. Then there's an extended version of the commercial. We're linking to it because we're not sure it's safe for work. It's borderline even by our standards. It shows the same woman, topless. Except it's not exactly what you'd think. Don't be surprised if you're asking yourself what you just watched upon seeing all 30 seconds of it. Because we did.
Both are far more risque than the average commercial you'd see in the U.S. for a new car, but Toyota has managed to pull it off in Japan, a country where they have game shows that the contestants get hit in the twig and berries, for instance, if they answer questions incorrectly. Definitely have different customs to be sure. Be sure to check out both commercials in the sources below. Maybe the conservative Toyota should launch a similar campaign in the U.S.

Source: Toyota via YouTube (1, 2)