Jet Powered Ford F650 is Street Legal

By Automotive Staff | November 24, 2009
If someone were to ask you to name the least safest vehicle on the road today, how would you choose it? Would it be based on road worthiness? Crash test ratings? The amount of safety equipment it is loaded with? Whatever you were to decide on, we're pretty sure the last thing you would think of would be a jet-powered monster truck named the Frictionator that would incinerate anybody unfortunate enough to tailgate it. The Frictionator is a Ford F650 supertruck that is powered by a GE J85 jet engine that is capable of producing approximately 7,000 horsepower, propelling the truck at speeds of 200 mph. On top of this, the Frictionator is also sporting wheel spikes which might invoke images of the chariot race from Ben-Hur (if you’re old enough to remember that movie). Yet here's the amazing part. Despite the "modifications", the Frictionator is still a street legal vehicle that is driven daily on roads and highways by owner Joe Arnold. Joe has taken every precaution to make sure it is as safe as possible including, installing emergency shutdown systems for the jet engine, a fire suppression system, and wearing a helmet, fire suit, and seatbelt whenever driving it. Based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida the Frictionator is available for booking. What do we think of this? We’re already on the phone asking if they can stop by our office Christmas party. via Mademan