June 2013 Sales: Winners and Losers

The month of June brought with it a surprising amount of June Gloom here in Los Angeles, but that didn't deter automakers from breaking and making sales records. The majority of the industry saw increases in sales numbers when compared to the same month last year; however there were six automakers who failed to keep up with the trend, five of which have made our list. Subaru continues to grow, and has made it on our Winners list for another consecutive month, joining with luxury brands BMW, Jaguar, and Porsche, while Mitsubishi keeps its place on the Losers list together with some brands you may not expect to see at the bottom of the sales numbers.

Winner: Jaguar (+59%)

Jaguar has shown some impressive sales numbers, kicking off our Winners portion with an increase of 59 percent. The brand attributes its high success to its new product lineup, especially the XF, which continues to be the volume and growth leader for the brand. Jaguar has managed to sell 634 units of the new XF, thanks to the appeal of its new powertrain options and all-wheel drive. Also, the new Jaguar F-Type has been on sale for a full month, adding 417 units to the brand's overall 7,798 units sold. With numbers like these, we can expect to see more from Jaguar in the months to come.


Winner: Subaru (+42%)

Subaru comes in next on our Winners list, with a sales increase of 42 percent, mainly attributed to the Forester and Outback models, which had their best-ever June sales. The 2014 Subaru Forester has earned an IIHS Top Safety Pick+ rating, making it a favorite among customers with small families or those who want the added sense of security and safety. The Outback had a record month for sales, with 12,210 units sold, which is a 32 percent increase over the same month last year. Adding to its sales records for the month of June, Subaru announced that it has sold more than 200,000 vehicles in the first six months of this year, breaking the previous year's number by over 40,000 units.


Winner: BMW (+24.6%)

BMW continues to shine with an increase in sales of 24.6 percent, thanks to the automaker's ability to sell 27,074 units this month. It seems like each vehicle made by BMW has managed to increase in overall sales, propelling the brand forward for the month of June. The BMW 3 Series comprised about a third of all sales, with a total of 10,957 units sold, which is a 62.6 percent increase in overall sales for the vehicle. The 6 Series was up 119.5 percent with 1,409 units sold, and the 7 Series was up 58.6 percent with 855 units.


Winner: Porsche (+23%)

Coming in at number four on our Winners list is Porsche with a 23 percent sales increase for this month. The automaker reported that this month was the best June sales in the company's history, with 3,700 vehicles sold. The Cayenne had the most sales growth, with the diesel and GTS models accounting for 42 percent of total sales for the vehicle. However, the recently-launched Boxster and Cayman also showed strong sales with a 66 percent increase over last June. The flagship 911 managed to sell 10 percent more units over last year with the help of the model's 50th Anniversary Special Edition. Panamera sales are still low but are expected to increase when the refreshed 2014 lineup hits showroom floors.


Winner: Ram (+23%)

Last up for the Winners list is Ram, with an increase of 23 percent. Although all brands from the Chrysler Group had sales increases, Ram stood out from the crowd and managed its best June sales since 2007. The Ram pickup truck had a 24 percent sales increase over the same month last year, achieving its 38th consecutive month of year-over-year sales gains. All trucks in the Ram lineup boasted strong sales figures, with the Light Duty Ram pickup having an increase of 36 percent, and the Heavy Duty Ram was up 5 percent. The Ram cargo van also had its best sales month since its launch in 2011.


Loser: Smart (-23.2%)

First up on the Losers list is Smart. With a decrease in sales of 23.2 percent, the automaker has earned the top spot for the month of June. When compared to the 1,017 units sold last year, Smart failed to sell that many units, managing only 781 units for the month of June. Year-to-date sales are also down, with a decline of 6.1 percent. It looks like sales for the smallest car on the road continue to suffer month after month as more fuel-efficient, better-looking, and safer vehicles make their way onto the road. Is there still a place for the super-small two-seater in today's market?


Loser: Acura (-7%)

Up next is Acura with a decrease of 7 percent. Although it isn't nearly as much as Smart, it's surprising to see the luxury automaker on the Losers list. Even though the Acura RDX posted record June sales, it wasn't enough to keep the automaker from going into the black. Hopefully with the new MDX on sale, Acura can make up for the sales decline next month. Acura did manage to sell 3,828 units of the new MDX, keeping it just under the RDX sales. Sales may be down for the luxury automaker, but as a leader in the entry luxury SUV segment, Acura will most likely bounce back.


Loser: Buick (-4.1%)

Buick comes in third for our Losers list, with a decrease of 4.1 percent. Even if General Motors posted its highest monthly sales since September 2008, Buick managed to sell 800 units short of last year's sales number. Year-to-date, Buick sales are up 11.8 percent, as sales have increase for 14 consecutive months. The Verano continues to push sales numbers for the automaker, with an almost 10 percent increase in sales compared to last year. Sales for the Enclave increased by almost 14 percent, but both these numbers weren't enough to counteract the 44.5 percent decrease in LaCrosse sales, or the 40.5 percent decrease of Regal sales.


Loser: Volkswagen (-3.2%)

Coming in at number four is Volkswagen with a small decrease of 3.2 percent. The automaker managed to have its best-ever TDI Clean Diesel sales, with the TDI Clean Diesel Passat that made history when it set a new Guinness World Record for the lowered fuel consumption for a non-hybrid car. Even with this news, overall sales were down, with a decline in sales from almost every vehicle in the Volkswagen lineup. The automaker expects its sales numbers to even out the second half of the year, and expected some turbulence. When looking at the same period in 2011, there's a 30 percent increase, showing that the automaker is stabilizing.


Loser: Mitsubishi (-2%)

Last but not least is Mitsubishi, rounding out both the Losers list and Sales Winners and Loser list altogether. Compared to last month, the automaker is climbing its way out of its sales hole with only a 2.0 decrease in sales compared to June last year. The Outlander Sport managed its best-ever sales for a single month, representing a year-over-year sales increase of more than 80 percent, which isn't bad for an automaker that has gotten rid of most of its lineup and continues to stay in the negative. As Mitsubishi figures out whether it will add more models to its lineup in the future in addition to the Mirage, sales should begin to increase.