Kia Beams Pictures of 2012 Ray; Keeps Car Exclusively for Korea

By Jacob Brown | November 10, 2011
South Korea is a fascinating country with many cars we wish would come here. This one, however, is a little questionable. Called the Kia Ray, it looks a bit like a scaled-down Soul and sits in the A-segment of cars—meaning that it’s around the same size as a Fiat 500. What makes the Ray stand out from most cars of its class is the passenger-side rear-sliding door, similar to a minivan’s. Because of this and its boxy shape, cargo and carrying capabilities are maximized for its size. Kia has also added upscale touches to the Ray like LED running lights and tail lights. The automaker hasn’t announced engine options or pricing yet for its home market, but it will release that information closer to the car’s launch. There’s nothing unpleasant-looking about this car. But as we’ve seen with other A-segment cars like the Smart and Fiat 500, there is a point where small may become a little too much so to be practical for anything more than an urban runabout. Perhaps it’s best the Ray never shines on our shores, no matter how good of a car it may be. Source: Kia