Kia Calls On Five "Justice League"-Themed Cars to Fight the Forces of Evil at SEMA

By Jacob Brown | October 30, 2012
We've already seen the Batman-themed Kia Optima Limited sedan fly in from the night and take center stage in a pre-flooded New York City, as Kia Motors has slowly rolled out a bevy of Justice League-themed cars. Today with the opening of the Specialty Equipment Market Association trade show in Las Vegas, we're getting the whole Hall of Justice with the introduction of four new cars. Joining Batman are "The Flash" Kia Forte; "Aquaman" Kia Rio 5-door "Cyborg" Kia Forte 5-door; and the "Green Lantern" Kia Soul, thankfully without reference to that terrible Ryan Reynolds movie. Each car is uniquely outfitted to mirror the themes of the comic book heroes that inspired them, such as the Green Lantern's ring bordering the wheel shape of the Kia Soul, and a lightning bolt adorning a see-through hood on the Forte. It's all for part of a program DC Entertainment and Kia have teamed up to support called "We Can Be Heroes," a campaign to combat starvation in the Horn of Africa.
Sure, the cars are for show, with one-off pieces of artwork from DC comic book illustrator Jim Lee coming with each car. But they can go, in go to the highest bidder. Kia will be auctioning off the five cars to benefit the "We Can Be Heroes" fund, further raising awareness through selling Justice League merchandise like license plate surrounds and other materials. Lest you be worried that you're not able to make to SEMA to see the cars or that you won't have a chance to buy one for yourself, worry not. Three more cars are coming by way future auto shows and Comic-Cons over the next few months: Wonder Woman—we're hoping stereotypes don't limit Kia to a Sedona minivan or Sorento crossover—Superman; and a car to feature all seven of the Justice League characters. With each car heavily customized, lowered, big-wheeled, and full of touches that emphasize their ties to comic lore, we're eager to see these cars up close sometime soon, which should happen at an upcoming auto show. But to actually own one, it'd probably take nothing less than the wallet of Bruce Wayne. Source: Kia

Those cars are so cool!