Kia Enlists Help of B-List Pop Singer to Peddle 2012 Rio 5-door

By Jacob Brown | June 21, 2012
"Who the heck is Christina Milian?" I didn't know; I had to ask a co-worker. Apparently, she had a few big pop songs in the 2000s. And, apparently, she's trying to relaunch her career via peddling the 2012 Kia Rio 5-door in a geocacheing scavenger hunt video. That's probably only marginally better than trying to relaunch a career through agreeing to go on The Surreal Life. The Kia Rio's a good little car. Unfortunately, there isn't enough of it in the video. What we do have are two couples, of whom the girlfriends look far more excited than their respective boyfriends, meandering around different sights in the Los Angeles area to find a pop singer. They go go Griffith Park, rummage through Amoeba Record's used CD bin for a Christina Milian album—I'm surprised it wasn't on cassette—then head to Rodeo Drive to count the number of palm trees, head to Pink's Hot Dogs to clean their plates and find their last clue, and then head off to meet to singer.
All the while, the video shows off the trick features that come in the Rio, including a rear backup camera, power folding mirrors, and the UVO infotainment system that comes with USB and auxiliary outlets for playing any number of music formats. Probably not Milian's, though. The couples sit in back, letting viewers know that you can unwittingly fit two full-size adults into the back of a subcompact car. Who knew? For all of the Blake Griffin commercials, dancing hamsters, and Adriana Lima waving a flag for five hours in HD-quality, this online video falls decidedly flat. It's okay; even a rising auto star can have off days once in a while. We just hope the Korean automaker doesn't end up sharing a career path with Christina Milian.

Source: Kia via YouTube


This makes the Ford "Press Conference" commercials look genius.