Kia GT Sports Sedan Concept Sets Hearts Aflutter at Frankfurt Motor Show

By Jacob Brown | September 13, 2011
Kia wants you to want its cars. And if the new Kia GT is any indication of where the brand is going, that might not be too difficult. Debuting at Frankfurt after teaser photos appeared last month, the Kia GT concept sedan brings together the brand’s new design elements into a rear-wheel-drive concept that lead designer Peter Schreyer says was meant to evoke the European rear-drive touring sedans of the 1970s.  With a swept-back windshield, designers aimed to convey a feeling of speed even at rest. And speed it certainly has. By way of a turbocharged 3.3-liter V-6 engine mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission, the concept has 395 horsepower. Two elements designers emphasized especially for the GT concept were the copper-colored trim surrounding its copper-colored windows and its LED headlights and tail lights.
The copper was inspired by the vehicle’s designers’ visit to the DMY International Design Festival Berlin, Germany's largest event for contemporary and conceptual design. Designers wanted to contrast the stoic pale gray color of the car with a warmer, more inviting color in the copper finish. As for the lights, Schreyer says they provide the car with a look of strength and are vital to the car’s continuity. Don’t be surprised to see a similar design on upcoming production vehicles. Despite its concept cues like the one-piece molded seats and carbon fiber wheels, Schreyer adds the beauty of this the Kia GT is that it’s very possible to see a car like it go into production. "One of the great things about working on this project was that this is a very real car," said Schreyer in a statement. "It felt good to be working on a car that could roll down the road tomorrow. “Yes, it would be a dream to put this into production — it has a logical layout, with four seats, and good luggage space, and it's also engaging and dynamic and makes a strong statement.  It's exactly the kind of car Kia should be making." Source: Kia