Kia Set to Unveil New All-Electric Vehicle in 2014

By | October 01, 2013
If you love the Kia Soul, but wish it didn't hurt your wallet at the pump, you're in luck. In 2014, Kia will introduce the new Soul EV that combines the Soul's iconic design, new styling cues to distinguish it from non-EV models, and improved aerodynamics. Currently, no images have been released of this new vehicle, as Kia is waiting to reveal them closer to the launch date. The all-new Soul EV will be powered by only a battery, producing zero tailpipe emissions and a purely gas-free drive. This will mark the second alternative-fuel vehicle to grace the Kia lineup in the United States. "Eco-consciousness already comes standard on the all-new Soul with 85 percent of its materials able to be recycled at the end of its lifespan and the Soul EV will further demonstrate Kia's engineering capabilities as well as our commitment to producing vehicles with reduced environmental footprints," said Orth Hedrick, executive director of product planning, Kia Motors America, in a recent statement. The current Kia Soul is one of the brand's top-selling vehicles, and expanding the lineup makes sense. Right now not much is known about what is going to be under the hood of the new model, what the range will be, the different options, or even how the company plans to market it. Kia is keeping all information close to the chest, waiting to reveal all at an upcoming U.S. auto show. Source: Kia