Kia Shows Off Sketches of Future Full-Size Luxury Sedan

By Jacob Brown | February 13, 2012
Kia Motors has released pictures of its first rear-wheel-drive full-size sedan, a vehicle we're likely to see on our shores sooner than later. Codenamed the Kia K9, slotting above the Kia Optima (K5) and Korean-market Kia Cadenza (K7), it will share its underpinnings with the Hyundai Genesis luxury sedan already on sale here. We've seen this car testing for months now, with one such picture of it being badged as the "Oprius" on its steering wheel, but these sketches are the first clear look at the production vehicle. With a long, sleek look, sharing the tabbed grille from other Kia models, the full-size sedan carries more than a passing resemblance to the Maserati Quattroporte luxury sedan. Kia calls it "distinctive, modern, and classic." Kia's director of overseas marketing Soon-Nam Lee says the rear-drive luxury flagship "integrates all of our key capabilities such as design, performance, high-tech features and infotainment into one striking model." Kia says the K9 will make its official debut next week and go on sale in South Korea in the beginning half of 2012. Expressly stated in its press materials, Kia will not be selling the K9 sedan in Europe where the brand still mostly competes in only value segments. But in an era when we're soon going to have a near-$35,000 Kia Optima Limited and an even more expensive Kia Cadenza sedan for 2013, Kia has not thrown out the idea of selling it here. As Kia has said it will sell the car in overseas markets, it's mostly just a matter of when. Source: Kia Motors