Kia Sorento Probed for Shattering Sunroofs

By | October 29, 2013
The Kia Sorento is under investigation for what the National Highway Transportation Safety Agency calls a "sunroof implosion" that can injure the driver or passengers. The preliminary evaluation comes after the agency received 15 complaints of shattering sunroofs on model year 2011-2013 Kia Sorento SUVs, according to a report filed by the NHTSA. Thirteen of the complaints claim that the sunroofs broke while the car was in motion. One complaint alleges the driver suffered minor cuts from the issue. The problematic panoramic sunroofs are part of a list of optional equipment on the Kia Sorento. Kia has also been looking into the issue on its own. "To date, the identified cause of investigated sunroof breakage has been debris impact or hail," Kia said in a recent statement. "Kia Motors will continue to research this issue and share the results of its research information with NHTSA." The investigation has an impact on over 64,100 Sorento models in the U.S. The preliminary evaluation is the first step in a process that may lead to a vehicle recall. Sources: NHTSA, Automotive News