Kia to go Juke Hunting at Geneva Motor Show with Urban Crossover Concept

By Jacob Brown | January 23, 2013
Exploiting yet another burgeoning segment of vehicles, Kia is heading to the Geneva Motor Show with what it calls a "racy new urban concept." That's how the British say small crossover. "With the company's signature tiger-nose morphing into a mischievous, yet friendly, grille and headlight arrangement, coupled with strong styling lines that exude speed and energy from every angle, Kia's newest concept vehicle is guaranteed to attract attention," the rather short press release on the vehicle continues. And ends, for that matter. That's all the information we have on the little thing. It certainly looks sharp in the pictures, as most concept cars with red lighting and zoomy-zoomy Photoshop effects do. Following on the heels of 2011's Kia GT sports sedan and the 250-horsepower Track'ster concept that debuted at last year's Chicago Auto Show, Kia has been on a tear with clean, sleek concept designs.
We'll keep you updated as we find out more about this urban concept, but as the small crossover segment is exploding in Europe with the likes of the Nissan Juke, Opel Mokka (ourĀ Buick Encore), BMW X1, Audi Q3, and others, it makes sense that another ought to be coming--especially a concept like this that'd slot below the Kia Sportage if ever it were to see the light of day--to fill the demands of the car-buying populace. Source: Kia
Michael Quarz
Michael Quarz

When I saw this picture I never would have said that it is a Kia. Looks very agressive. Nice.