L.A. to Vegas on One Charge? Wide Open Throttle Drives Electric Tesla to Test Range

By Jacob Brown | September 06, 2012
The term "range anxiety" was created by now-Fisker CEO Tony Posawatz to describe what electric car drivers would feel as their range ticked down with little hope of finding a charging station. One part fear mongering and many more parts truth, there's little an electric car driver can do when he or she is stranded at the side of a road with a wall plug and hours to go before having a drivable vehicle again. Startup Tesla Motors is trying to make range anxiety a thing of the past with its Model S sedan, a vehicle with a supposed range of up to 265 miles on a single charge. With a massive 85-kilowatt-hour battery pack—nearly four times the size of the battery in the Nissan Leaf—it should be doable, in theory at least. What about in the real world, though, Greater Los Angeles area to Las Vegas on a single charge? The Wide Open Throttle crew was about to find out. Host Jessi Lang, with the help of Motor Trend's Frank Markus, took to the open road to make the 212-mile attempt in Tesla CEO's personally owned Model S.
Going up Interstate 15, the two saw elevation rise from 900 feet to almost 4,000 feet, so they had to baby the car, driving it slowly to conserve battery power. Worse yet, they did it in 100-plus-degree heat with the windows rolled up and no use of the air conditioning. Along the way, the two cracked jokes and rocked out to the radio. But did they make it? Catch the video below and find out.

Source: Wide Open Throttle via YouTube