Lamborghini Aventador: Hotdog Hauler?

By Jason Davis | April 11, 2012
Today's sign of the Apocalypse: this Lamborghini Aventador has an available towing package. Maybe. OK, we're not entirely sure on that one, but in the least, we know that someone hacked up the rear end on this Arancio Atlas-colored Aventador LP 700-4 so that it could tow a hot dog cart to the New York Auto Show. By now, most of us already know the goods on the Lamborghini Aventador, including its 0-60 mph time of just 2.9 seconds, a top speed north of 200 mph, and a price tag equivalent to a non-coastal McMansion. And have you heard its frothy-lipped snarl? It's been said that angels weep when its 12 cylinders cry out to the heavens. Which makes this nonsense all the more puzzling. Really? A Lamborghini pulling a hot dog cart and giving away free hot dogs? That's like Scrooge tossing pennies into the gutter for homeless beggars, a strange brew of haught and derision for the working class. OK, that's not entirely true. Mostly, we're just mad it wasn't there last week for the media preview...
So, if you're in New York, go check out the Lamborghini with free hot dogs. And, obviously, don't bother filling the tip jar. Source: New York Auto Show