Land Rover Dealers Demand More Evoques

By Trevor Dorchies | February 06, 2012
Months after its initial launch, the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque is still in high demand, and dealers are struggling to fill orders. It may not be the dealerships' fault however: Some are crying foul because of where they are located in the United States. This could spell trouble for Land Rover dealers stateside as many don't know when another shipment of the baby Rover will come in. Worldwide demand for the Range Rover Evoque continues to be high as well so U.S. dealers may be waiting for a while. Many dealers are currently experiencing a wait of about two months for the Evoque, while others don't even know when they'll see it again. Smaller dealerships are really feeling the pinch and some West Coast dealerships feel they are being discriminated against because of their location. Land Rover's U.S. headquarters are located in New Jersey and some dealers are complaining they aren't getting as much as those located on the East Coast since they aren't as close by. Michael Levitan, group vice president of Long Island Automotive Group has been particularly tight-lipped about his current stock. His dealership only moves about 2,000 Land Rover vehicles a year and he believes bigger East Coast dealerships are getting more vehicles than the smaller ones and stores located out west. Back in 2008-2009 the economic crisis caused Land Rover to have more than a 100-day supply during some months. Bigger dealerships did their best to absorb the excess vehicles, and it appears to some that Land Rover is rewarding them for the effort, and smaller dealerships aren't happy.
"Big dealers raised their hands and overstocked themselves during that period and are now reaping their rewards a long as their sales continue at that pace," Levitan said in an interview with Automotive News. With no solution in sight, smaller dealerships may have to continue dealing with the Range Rover Evoque shortages. It's not known yet if Land Rover has a long term plan to quell these worries, even though West Coast dealerships vented more than their fair share at the National Automobile Dealers convention in Las Vegas this past weekend. As always, stayed tuned as more details unfold. Pricing for the 2012 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque five-door starts at $43,995 while the three-door variant starts at $44,995. Both prices include the transportation fee, which is the same for both East and West Coast dealers. Source: Automotive News