Range Rover Hybrid and Range Rover Sport Hybrid Promise 36.7 MPG

By Trevor Dorchies | August 21, 2013
Land Rover, the go-anywhere and do-anything brand known for its off-road prowess, has announced that it's launching hybrid versions of two popular models: the Range Rover hybrid and Range Rover Sport hybrid. The reason? Reducing CO2 emissions and boosting fuel economy, the same as every automaker. However, with the addition of this hybrid technology, Land Rover has promised that it will not hinder the automaker's off-roading performance or capabilities.
Both the Range Rover hybrid and Range Rover Sport hybrid will be constructed completely out of aluminum, like its non-hybrid siblings, and will share powertrains. Unfortunately for the United States, these will run on diesel and for the time being, both the Range Rover hybrid and Range Rover Sport hybrid will not be immediately available on our shores. Nevertheless, if everything goes as Land Rover hopes, it's not crazy to think we, too, could get these variants in the near future, too. To show that these are the real deal, Land Rover has said that both that three Range Rover hybrids will embark on a 10,000 mile journey from Range Rover's headquarters in Solihull, United Kingdom, to parent company Tata Motors headquarters in Mumbai, India. This trek will be known as the "Silk Trail 2013" and will cut through 12 different countries including France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, China and India while traversing some of the toughest roads on planet earth.
The all-new Range Rover hybrid will feature a 3.0-liter V-6 turbodiesel engine mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission, and will feature three driver-selectable modes. As for the hybrid system, a lithium ion battery pack, inverter, and a 35 kW electric motor will be in charge of delegating power on that end and tips the scales at 264 pounds.  In all, this combination is good for 335 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque. Perhaps the most important figure in all of this is the 44.1 mpg (36.7 mpg in U.S. cycles) Land Rover says its new Range Rover hybrid will achieve. The Range Rover hybrid will also be capable of wading through the same water depths as its non-hybrid sibling, too. For those living in the United Kingdom, Land Rover will begin taking orders for the Range Rover hybrid and Range Rover Sport hybrid on September 10. Deliveries are expected to begin rolling in early on in 2014. Source: Land Rover