Land Rover Pondering Compact SUV to Sit Below the Evoque?

By Trevor Dorchies | September 18, 2012
When Land Rover launched the Evoque late last year, the awards poured in faster than the assembly line could handle. A compact SUV all its own, the Evoque has continued to pace Land Rover's sales this year and there aren't any signs of slowing down. Next to the Evoque's homeland in the United Kingdom, the United States is the biggest market for the compact SUV. Land Rover took more than 18,000 orders for it even before it was ready to go on sale and all units were accounted for way before the end of the current model year. In keeping with the Evoque's momentum, Land Rover design chief Gerry McGovern made it known that an even smaller SUV than the Evoque may be in the works. "Certainly, I think we can go smaller," Gerry McGovern said to Automotive News Europe. "In a world focusing on sustainability you could argue that smaller and lighter is the way to go." Land Rover isn't alone in thinking a smaller and lighter SUV is the way to go. Audi has recently thrown around the idea of bringing a smaller version of its SUV, the Q3, to market and simply calling it the Q1. Other major auto brands like Fiat and Toyota offer smaller SUVs across the pond and some have already begun creeping in over here. Fiat has already announced it will be bringing its all-new 500L to Europe later this year and then to North America early in 2013. As for Audi's Q1, that appears to be much farther off than the 500L. Outside of McGovern's comment, no other details are known at this time. Stay tuned to as more details become available. Source: Automotive News Europe