Land Rover to Expand Lineup, Include 16 Models by 2020

By Trevor Dorchies | November 07, 2012
Land Rover, makers of iconic off-road vehicles like the Defender, is setting out to expand its lineup to 16 models by 2020. The British automaker plans to focus heavily on the three main categories that are growing at an exponential rate in the SUV segment: luxury, leisure, and utility. Gerry McGovern, design director for Land Rover, plans to flesh out the lineup by building vehicles with these three core principles in mind. McGovern plans to beef up Range Rover's lineup (luxury) while also bringing in an all-new Defender (utility) and expanding the Freelander (leisure) portfolio while he's at it too.  The Freelander lineup will grow by four new models over the course of seven years while the all-new Defender is due out by 2017. Range Rover recently got a face-lift with the latest model slated to go on sale next month. Land Rover is looking to double its annual output by 2020 and with the lineup expansion, and assuming a three-percent stake in the SUV market, it's estimated that sales could eclipse 600,000 units by then. McGovern wants to stretch Range Rover's lineup by another six new models including an Evoque XL, and a convertible variant of the popular SUV. An even smaller Evoque than the one out now is also expected to join Range Rover's lineup and would only be about 13 feet long. The leisure part of Land Rover's lineup is expected to include at least five new models including an entry-level Freelander that shares similar dimensions as the Evoque. The Freelander will also be reconfigured to fit five or seven seats, respectively. An all-new Discovery model will sit at the top of the leisure lineup totem pole and will take aim squarely at the BMW X5.
On the utility side of things, Land Rover will be introducing a production version of the DC100 concept that will be based on the Evoque. There will also be a replacement for the old Defender model that is based on the DC100 concept too, but it doesn't completely take the iconic off-roader's spot as an all-new variant will also be introduced. Speaking of the all-new Defender, it will also be reconfigured to fit five or seven passengers while a pickup truck version is in the works too. In order to accommodate all of these new models, Land Rover is also pouring money into production facilities around the world. Ralf Speth, CEO of Jaguar and Land Rover, has already committed over $2.5 billion a year to kick start this expansion and plans on launching around 40 new Jag and Land Rover products within the next five years. Speth and Co. have already dumped around $12.7 billion into designing a new platform and beefing up production in the United Kingdom too. What say you? Will this expansion help Land Rover or did they bite off more than they could chew? Tell us what you think in the comment section below. Source: Autocar