Latest Honda Accord Infographic Covers Earth Dreams

By Joel Arellano | October 24, 2012
Last month we posted an infographic showcasing the 30 years the Honda Accord has been rolling about our roads. From barely eight feet in length and weighing in just above a ton, the Accord has grown, both in size, weight, and engine power, in the intervening years. Cost of the price of the Accord has increased as well from the bargain basement $8,245 starting price to $21,680.
A second infographic covers Honda's latest powertrain technology in more details. Called "Earth Dreams Technology", future Accords will be powered by fuel-efficient gasoline engines, hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains, and even pure electricity. The 100 mile-per-gallon equivalent, or mpge, is just but one of the Earth Dreams' goal. Honda, usually close-lipped about its future plans, openly discussed them last year, including the startling pronouncement to be the fuel-efficient class leader in all segments within three years. Honda's strategy includes use of continuously variable automatic transmissions in its vehicles; more use of direct injection; and use of two electric motors in future hybrids instead of one. We've already driven two vehicles -- the 2013 Honda Accord EX and its plug-in hybrid sibling -- which are but the first to demonstrate some of these new technologies.
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