Let's Give A Happy Birthday To The First Ford Model T Sold

By Blake Z. Rong | October 01, 2012
On this date in 1908, a chap named Henry opened the doors to the drab, two-story brick building on 411 Piquette St. in Detroit, and introduced to the world the Ford Model T, a vehicle that really needs no further introduction. Production of the Model T began on September 27, but the first Ford Model T went on sale on October 1. It kicked off a production run of more than 15 million before 1927; in other words, more than every new car sold in America last year. At one point, half of all the cars in the world were Model Ts, a sales success Ford (or any manufacturer, really) has yet to replicate since. The Ford Model T first sold for $260, which today would get you $6,228.93 worth of car. Given that the cheapest new car in America, a Nissan Versa, now breaks the $10,000 mark, the Model T doesn't represent the stonking great deal that historical figures would lead us to humorously believe. But today's cars have one distinct advantage: unless you're buying German, they tend to come in more colors than black.
Source: Profile America