Lexus Creates Two New Positions, and Philosophy, in Improving Car Buyer Relations

By Joel Arellano | April 02, 2012
Toyota announced last month details on its all-new "Excess Wear & Tear Protection" plan for its leased Toyota and Lexus vehicles. The program covers normal vehicle wear and tear like cigarette burns on seats and even cracked windshields, issues normally paid by the lessee. Toyota has launched another customer-oriented program, this one aimed specifically its luxury Lexus brand. Lexus dealerships will now have two new personnel to greet prospective buyers. The Vehicle Delivery Specialist (VDS) will cover standard and latest features to such buyers. The Vehicle Technologist Specialist (VTS), on the other hand, will answer queries on any Lexus vehicles technology like how to pair their cellphones via Bluetooth to the Lexus Enform infotainment system. States Mark Templin, Lexus group VP, "While we’re happy to answer their calls, we think it will be much more beneficial to have experts at our dealerships who can establish and maintain relationships with customers to answer any questions about their cars." Lexus is also implementing a new approach in customer relations. Called "takumi" (master craftsman), Lexus sales personnel, according to Toyota, will look at their job as a form of "craft" (hence the name) and use technology such as the iPad and apps to assist them in satisfying potential Lexus buyers on the purchases. Certain Lexus dealerships are also taking the extra step in training staff in recognizing body language in order to provide better service. Such dealerships are tapping non-automotive for the new positions as well as train current staff. Source: Toyota/Lexus
  • 2013 Lexus GS 450H Front Right