Lexus IS Hybrid Lets Fans Play Life-Sized Video Game

By Matthew Askari | September 23, 2013
We don't have the Lexus IS Hybrid in America (we do have the ES Hybrid), but after the automaker's recent campaign in Italy, a few American fans may demand Lexus bring it over. Lexus picked 10 winners from a Facebook contest, and invited them to a highly controlled and secured hangar in Italy. They also invited Formula 1 driver Jarno Trulli to act as the driver. The ten 10 selected enthusiasts were then able to trace a unique road to their liking on a handheld tablet, while Trulli drove the newly created "road," providing some exciting live action driving. The stunt was created using large projectors that projected the road onto the hangar floor, and Trulli then drove the fan-created route that was traced by finger on the tablet seconds earlier. Andrea Carlucci, Toyota marketing and Lexus Italy director, said "the new Lexus IS Hybrid is a real turning point in terms of design and performance," adding "it is unmatched in both areas, and it's a hybrid, which distinctly differentiates the brand from all competitors." You can view the video below and watch Jarno drive the fan-created "roads."