Lexus is Maybe Going to Possibly Build a GS 300h

By Jason Davis | June 11, 2012
According to reports, Lexus is considering building another GS hybrid, one that uses a smaller engine than the soon-to-be-current GS 450h. That car uses a 3.5-liter V-6 and electric motor for impressive performance and fuel economy. The new hybrid, however, is likely slated for Europe only, and to take on popular diesel-powered cars from BMW and Audi. Speaking to Auto Express, Koji Sato, deputy chief engineer for Lexus, said "We are working on a number of solutions to offer low CO2 emissions, and these include a small hybrid."
A possibility for the smaller-engined GS is the 2.5-liter four-cylinder hybrid currently used in the Toyota Camry Hybrid and upcoming Lexus ES 300h. The ES 300h makes 200 horsepower and will rate 40 mpg city/39 mpg highway according to Lexus, and it could return similar results for a European GS. Confirming our skepticism, Lexus’ American Manager of Communications, Michael Kroll, told us that he is “not aware of any plans” and that the ES Hybrid will fill that segment of the market. So there you have it—America is not getting a small hybrid engine for Lexus’ largest sport sedan. You’ll have to make do with 29 mpg city/34 mpg highway from the 338-hp hybrid V-6. Source: Auto Express, Lexus