Lexus LF-A Owners to Receive "Flying Doctors" Roadside Service?

By Jason Davis | July 29, 2011
We don't know too many people who are concerned about Lexus reliability, but in an effort to keep up with the Gottis and increase its street-cred among European exotic car makers, 2012 Lexus LF-A owners may soon receive a generous and unparalleled roadside coverage program. According to Spanish motor blog,, Lexus will dispatch a team of "flying doctors" to rescue an LF-A owner whose car has broken down, become stranded, or has its feelings hurt by a new Pagani Huayra. Lexus will station a team of engineers across the European continent to aid stranded drivers in the quickest means possible – including literally flying to meet them. If an engineer cannot fix the vehicle, Lexus will provide the driver with a GS450h loaner and a plush room in a local five-star hotel.
The report sounds too good to be true – and it may be, since we haven't yet heard any confirmation from Lexus – but it sounds just plausible enough, considering the company's history. When Lexus expanded into the United States, it provided unheard-of warranty coverage and customer service for LS 400 cars. Today, that attitude has turned into a game of one-upsmanship and is one we're hoping may soon benefit even us common folk. No news on whether this service, if it exists, is making it stateside. Source: