Lexus LF-CC Green Lit for Production

By Jason Davis | November 30, 2012
According to the UK's Autocar, Lexus has green lit the gorgeous, new LF-CC (coupe concept?) for production. The ravishing concept made its debut at the Paris Motor Show in September, but made its stateside debut this week at the Los Angeles Auto Show, where it sat on a rotating pedestal before a throng of admirers. Like the LF-LC concept coupe that we saw in Detroit last January, the LF-CC is a product of Lexus' Calty Design and Research center in California. Early industry speculation was that it could be the framework for a forthcoming Lexus IS, the luxury brand's entry-level sport sedan. Confirming to Autocar, though, the LF-CC project will commence in early 2013 for a 2015 production date. Autocar's source also said the LF-CC will come with a cabriolet version, and that it may be based on shortened version of the chassis currently used by the current Lexus GS. Further details include a hybrid drivetrain of at least 300 horsepower, and that in a familial sense, the LF-CC could be the next Lexus SC.
From an entirely aesthetic appreciation, the LF-CC may have been the second most-beautiful car at this week's LA Auto Show, snubbed only by the blue LF-LC sitting nearby. Source: Autocar