Lexus Might Could Maybe Possibly Consider Building the LF-LC Concept

By Jason Davis | March 26, 2012
In January, Lexus had a hot, California-designed concept scheduled to debut at the Detroit Auto Show. But a carefully planned teaser campaign to release images of the concept leading up to its debut was spoiled when an American magazine broke the embargo, spilling pictures onto the internet. Fortunately, Lexus had a winner on its hands and the concept, named LF-LC, stole rival Acura's thunder from the debut on the NSX Concept to win the "best in show" award at the Detroit Show. Now, a report from the UK's Autocar, says that top Toyota brass are mulling the possibility of the LF-LC for production. This is significant because the design, whose only requirement be a "2+2 coupe," would never have been a serious production possibility. “A decision has not been taken,” said Lexus product planning chief, Karl Schlicht. “But we’re now up to a 50 per cent chance from a zero per cent one. Every top Toyota Motor Company manager is aware of the great reception it has received and now we’re talking about how we can do it and fit it into the product plan.”
The stunning coupe is a product of what Schlicht credits to the California-based design studio as being "let loose" on the design parameters. Now, after the attention and the acclaim, it would be a shame for Lexus to drop the ball.'s take: Wouldn't it be great if a version of the LF-LC could be built on a scalable platform of the current Lexus GS to compete with the upcoming Acura NSX to slot below the LFA in the lineup? Ooooh, but it gets better: To really maximize profits with high production numbers, the same platform could be used for--wait for it--the next Toyota Supra, a $35,000-40,000 sport coupe to compete with the Infiniti G/Nissan Z. Source: Autocar