Lexus Releases Commercials for the 2014 IS

Set to hit dealers this July, Lexus has released two new commercials, showcasing the 2014 IS and its campaign. The IS was designed with one purpose in mind, "To Stand Out." Do you want to fade into the background or set yourself apart from the crowd? This first video features the new IS set to the backdrop of what seems to be a concert. In a sea of black, two figures in white stand out, their eyes catch and they make their way to each other. The IS sits just outside the swarm of dancing people, and once the couple gets inside, they take off. The commercial emphasizes leaving the crowd behind, leaving you with the final phrase, "It's Your Move." For the next commercial, Lexus has introduced a white IS with the background and all surroundings also in white. It shifts to a black IS, complete with a black background with figures all in black as well. The two cars drive toward each other and pass each other, swapping scenery. The new IS models contrast greatly with their new surroundings, drawing your eye to the car and little else. Watch both videos below to see the new 2014 Lexus IS. It's your move. Source: Lexus via YouTube
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