Lexus to Unveil New GS F Sport at SEMA

By Jason Davis | October 26, 2011
On November 1, in Las Vegas, Lexus will unveil its new GS F Sport at SEMA, the annual show for Specialty Equipment Market Association. Aftermarket vendors at SEMA range from dress-up parts companies that showcase wheels and tires, graphics, body kits, and performance companies showing off a latest line in new technology. It's a fitting crowd for the new GS F Sport, which Lexus is showcasing as a performance-luxury sedan. Visually, the GS F Sport wields aggressive 19-inch wheels wrapped in 235/40-19 tires in the front, and a ridiculously fat 265/35-19 in the rear. Those hide the lighter and larger, specially-tuned brake discs, and Lexus' new Dynamic Handling system. This variable suspension design alters the steering response, minimizes body roll, and allows the driver to customize his settings based on Normal or Sport driving. Additionally, the GS F Sport will be the first ever hybrid with four-wheel steer. Yeah, hybrid.
The GS 450h F Sport packs electric grunt off the line for a smooth, wide powerband. Though it reportedly offers similar power to the outgoing GS, the lightened, stiffened platform, and the new four driver-mode presets, including Eco, Normal, Sport, and Sport+ should make for a more engaging driver's experience. And if it matters to you, the new GS F Sport will be more efficient than the outgoing model, as well. How efficient? We can't wait to find out. Source: Lexus