Lincoln Brand: Too Good for Consumer Reports?

By Automotive Staff | June 17, 2008
J.D. Power and Associates has released a new initial quality survey that has stung Lincoln. In 2007 the luxury car marquee was ranked third. In the 2008 survey, it is in the 14th position. Ouch. Lincoln's owner Ford Motor Co. says that it is not the design of the car or mechanical defects that have caused the drastic drop. The brand got a hit because people surveyed do not know how to work the new innovative technology in the car. The all-new Sync system, which Ford co-developed with OS giant Microsoft, is standard in all Lincoln MKZ and MKX models. This could be the smoking gun to back Lincoln’s claim. Customers of Lincoln are of an average age of 62 and they may be having a difficult time adjusting to the Sync system. This, says Lincoln, has been resulting in harsh ratings. Our take? Lincoln could have a point here. Look how low BMW has fallen since it installed iDrive.
via eGMCarTech