Lincoln Funding "Date Night" for MKZ Buyers

By | February 12, 2013
Global director of marketing, sales, and service for Lincoln, Matt VanDyke sat down with Bradford Wernle of Automotive News to talk about the new MKZ, about why it's more than two months behind on delivering the vehicle to customers. With an increase of shipping levels, Lincoln plans to deliver around 2,500 MKZs this month and continue to improve both delivery and production as the year progresses. With both the Ford Fusion and the Lincoln MKZ being inspected at the same plant, this bottleneck of production was bound to happen. "We had lots of activity at once going through the system and our commitments of Ford quality and to even higher levels on Lincoln have led us to put increased scrutiny in place," said VanDyke. Inspections are planned to run at Flat Rock for the next five weeks, with each car being inspected. With over 1,000 presold orders, Lincoln is thanking owners for their patience by handing out $100 gift certificates. The Lincoln Makers program is also being taken advantage of, which gives buyers sunglasses, weekend trips, or a small-batch whiskey kit.
As dealers have had a hard time knowing when pre-sold cars will be delivered, Lincoln has been working on providing as much information as possible. "When you make adjustments to the process and you do things like shipping through Flat Rock, it changes the way to provide standard communication on exactly where vehicles are on shipping and ramps and things like that." Source: Automotive News