Lincoln MKZ Hybrid gets 45 MPG All The Way

By Blake Z. Rong | October 15, 2012
The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid gets 45 miles per gallon, period: whether you're in the city, on the highway, or somewhere in between, the Lincoln Motor Company expects you to get that figure anytime. Compare this to the Ford Fusion Hybrid, of which the Lincoln gets a Mission Makeover: the Fusion gets 47 mpg across the board, while the Lincoln gets slightly less owing to more weight. But more weight means more content. Lincoln proudly boasts that unlike its competitors, the MKZ Hybrid will not only cost the same as its gasoline-powered brethren  but will also have the same features, including Lincoln Drive Control, SYNC with MyLincoln Touch, and LED headlights. Those competitors include the Lexus ES 300h, which the MKZ Hybrid beats by 5 mpg city and 6 mpg highway; the Infiniti M35h which Lincoln beats by a wide 18/13 mpg margin, and the BMW ActiveHybrid 3 that Lincoln beats by about the same, 20/16 mpg. Meanwhile, Buick doesn't have a full-hybrid model, and its Verano gets a 21/32 mpg rating, which isn't too shabby by itself. And Lincoln is claiming a fuel-efficiency victory over Audi's TDI, which is rated at 30/42 in the smaller A3, as well as BMW's 335d. Of course, the BMW is the handling champion of the segment. And the Lincoln brand itself hasn't done as successfully as Lexus, or Audi, for example. Luxury buyers may not place fuel efficiency on a pedestal, but if Lincoln wins a few sales from its magic 45-mpg figure, then all the better for it. Source: Lincoln