Lincoln "Not a True Luxury Brand" says Ford Chief Designer

By | August 28, 2013
J Mays, Ford's design chief, has expounded on the company's plan to rebuild Lincoln into a true luxury brand, a plan that could take decades. Following an event at Dearborn on Tuesday, Mays claimed that they were in the investment stage with the brand, saying that "We've probably got a 10-year investment to make." General Motor's Cadillac faced similar issues when it was transformed into a luxury brand, and there is no doubt that Lincoln's re-haul will take just as much time, and possibly more before it can be called a true luxury brand. Even non-luxury automakers now offer features like leather seating across their lineups, and there is little to separate a brand from its competitors. Mays went on to say that "Every brand needs to have a DNA and a unique selling point and things in the vehicle that make you think, 'That's that particular brand.'" Lincoln has started to reinvent itself with the introduction of the MKZ sedan earlier this year, and will continue with three new models in the coming years.
Lincoln will debut in China next year, hoping to increase brand sales. Thanks to a changing automotive market, a transformation for the brand may be difficult long-term, but by targeting younger buyers, Lincoln has begun carving out a place in both the Texas and California markets. Whether it can expand whatever meager foothold it has into the larger marketplace remains to be seen. Source: Detroit News